Flushable Pregnancy Tests?

While the American health care system may not completely value the maternal health of women, there are many more individuals that are mentally driven to finding and creating the best resources for health with women in mind.

A newborn baby

Lia is one of those products that is created with women in mind. It is created in the U.S. and by women.  While many of us swoon over our pregnancy tests and are excited about the results, there are a number of women that desire to keep this major announcement private. Lia is a revolutionary pregnancy test because it is the first flushable pregnancy test. It is completely 100% biodegradable in as little as 10 weeks. You have the choice to flush or compost, allowing you to announce your pregnancy when you’re ready. pregnancy

Why is this important? Women that suffer from infertility or have had previous miscarriages become sensitive to taking pregnancy tests.  We know what it means to lose something that our heart was set on. We know what it means to have those weird feelings or symptoms that we might be pregnant, so we take a pregnancy test in hope or fear. Being married does not take away or add to that hope or fear and sometimes you just need peace of mind in knowing your results in private. If the results are a heartbreaking negative, you don’t have to explain that to anyone. You also don’t run the risk of it being found by your spouse emptying the trash or by a probing toddler that occasionally goes into the trash can. This is true technology designed with women in mind.


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