God’s Timing: Your epiphany is not their light bulb moment!

In my lifetime I’ve had some really clever ideas and gifts given to me by God. Some of them I have used and ignored. Some of them I have forgotten about and I believe that they were taken away.  Some of them I told the wrong person too soon. Some of them I put to use. Some are in the works, and some of them are written down for my future. Timing, actions, and determination is everything, but while God’s timing is not our own, we also have to realize that our timing is not always perfect for others. It may be hard to accept, but the sooner that we do, the easier and less stressful life is for us as individuals. If we’re honest, most of the time, it’s not difficult for people to be kind and patient with people. They just really enjoy being in control.

Prior to having my son, I worked out 5 days a week. I was aware of my diet and physically fit for most activities. I wanted everyone around me to have my desire to be healthy. I found myself getting disappointed watching the people that I love not wanting to be on the same health regimen that I was enjoying. After having my son, I fell off from eating healthy and consistently working out.  Around the Spring season of the year of his birth, I eventually decided to become dedicated to being healthy once again. I was able to eventually lose my desired weight and I felt great. Fast forward to having my daughter and choosing to become a SAHM, I fell off again. Yes, I’ve been working out. Yes, I eat healthy 50% of the time, but we all know that you can’t work out a bad diet. Being a tidbit older during pregnancy this time around and having our family business and goals as a top priority, shifted my focus from my health overall. My body seemed to be turning against me. I was sluggish from lack of sleep with my one-year-old and my auto-immune diseases symptoms. However, after watching the movie, yes a movie, “The Black Panther”, I had an epiphany. The holy spirit laid out my plans to gather my health and momentum back. I have my plan and course of action, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that my light bulb moment actually happened.

I believe that an epiphany is God’s plan for us. When it’s not causing harm to you or others it may even be the voice of God. Discernment and prayer can confirm it for you. After having an epiphany you will have a light bulb moment and every course of action or preparedness that you need will be available for you. I recently had both with my health and let’s just say that I’m over the moon excited! Will you hear about them? Absolutely not! Will I bug you to join me on my journey? Absolutely not! I will not make my epiphany your light bulb moment.

We have to learn to be patient with people’s shortcomings. None of us have arrived at a place that we don’t need any work on ourselves. Are there any exceptions to making your epiphany someone else’s light bulb moment? Absolutely! If my child loves candy, but his teeth are filled with cavities, it’s my God-given duty to withhold what is hurting him and in this case, it would be candy. Maybe it isn’t food, maybe it’s a business or educational goal. You want your child to pursue Medical School, but they want to become a Teacher. Pray for them and support them. Maybe they don’t have the confidence that they need just yet. If it’s Gods will, it will prevail in his timing. He will give them an epiphany so huge and there is nothing that you or anyone can do to interrupt it. Be patient with people and love them where they are. In the meantime, be thankful for your epiphany and pray that God will give them theirs.


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