Five Year Olds Bleaching Their Hair? 

Do you think that children should be allowed to dye their hair? Social media star turned actress, Amber Rose, is receiving mixed views on social media based on her personal decision to dye her 5 year old son Sebastian’s hair blonde. According to Roses’s instagram post, Sebastian “begged” his mom “for a whole year to dye his hair blonde” like hers. She also stated that they took things slowly with the process because they “started with a little patch”.

Amber is like most moms that will go above and beyond to bring a smile to their child’s face. However, is this reaching too far? Personally speaking, I believe that it’s fine and in all fun. Hair coloring systems have made great progressions in eliminating many harmful ingredients like ammonia, that can cause skin discoloration, damage, and hair loss.

Some of the opinions on her choice range from parents saying that it is a distraction to other children and will make them follow in pursuit. Of course other parents voiced that it’s her son and she has the right to do whatever she wishes with his curly crop. Are we as parents truly afraid that our children will imitate the actions of their peers when it comes to clothing or hair? If so, will it really roll over into problematic issues in other areas of their lives? Natural textured kinky hair, dreadlocks, braids, brightly colored hair, and afros have been labeled as unprofessional in different careers and even school systems.

The problem, in my opinion, is from the voices in which these complaints are coming from. It appears that a large percentage of people that disagree with freedom of expression with hairstyles are the same overly conservative and irrational individuals that voted for Donald Trump.

Just last year a high school student, Timothy Jenkins was suspended from a Mississippi high school for wearing his hair in a bright shade of pink. He stated that he believed “it was against her [his teacher’s] morals”. Really Teacher? The State of Mississippi which is known for it’s overly conservative and discriminatory practices, is not alone. 17 year old twins Mya and Deanna Cook experienced a similar discrimination when their Massachusetts high school blatantly mistreated them with disclipnary actions because of their braids, in 2016. The young women had been excelling students with the school since grade Kindergarten. Once again, a group of overly critical and conservative adults chose to not accept or understand freedom of expression through personal style.

I get it! I’m a mom as well. I’ve tried to shelter my sons eyes from some very sensitive things in public that are far more exploitative than a hair style. I believe that we have bigger issues at our doorsteps as parents than to fear our children being influenced by a shirt or a hair color. There are some nasty, foul, and evil things that are far worse than these that are lurking and waiting to devour our children’s innocence. Let’s begin to have open dialogue in our homes and cars and our children will respond. Stop being afraid of what you don’t understand. You don’t have to like what people choose for their children, but you should not mistreat them as well.



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