How to Make Heart Shaped Brownies: Cooking with Kids

Do any of you need a good laugh today or a big smile? Well, I hope that today’s video will do just that for you! I love my children very much and I try my best to have tons of fun with them. My son had been asking for brownies, but I’m NOT a baker. I didn’t want to force my mom’s hand to bake a batch because just a few days prior to my children and I baking our brownies, I had my mom bake us a batch of homemade blueberry muffins. I’m not embarrassed that I can’t bake. Nope, not at all! I did promise my husband that I would begin to try. Ha!

To fulfill my son’s wish I picked up a box of Betty Crockers fudge brownie mix and did a little extra with a heart shaped silicon mold and sprinkles. I found the mold at Michaels. It was also in my Valentine’s Day “shop with me” video. The kids enjoyed making and eating the brownies and I did as well! Also, this is a real life video. Moms have meltdowns and headaches with children and you will clearly see that my nerves were being plucked slightly by my sweet children. I was nervous about salmonella poisoning with raw batter and my daughter was determined to eat some. Argh! If you enjoy this video please like and subscribe!




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