Facebook Messenger for Kids

I’m not surprised that this app has been developed for such a young age group. Are you? Just in case you are not aware, Facebook recently announced that they are going to launch a messenger app designed just for children ages 13 and under. Personally speaking, my son will not be allowed to partake in this new endeavor until he is a little older. I love that he still searches for cartoons and reads fun sport themed books. My concern about the Facebook Messenger app is how much more of our children’s attention will be taken away from learning, socialism, and active play.

I’m already a little baffled that so many people, including myself at times, struggle with spelling because of our total dependency on autocorrect. Will apps like this help our children become better communicators? Is it harmless fun or an open play space for pedophiles to lure our sweeties? The New York Times suggests that, “Facebook is bracing for what will most likely be a skeptical — if not outright hostile” [reaction from parents].

What are your thoughts on the new Facebook Messenger App designed for kids? Please share them below!



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