5 Reasons to be happy about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Engagement

Yea! Congratulations to the newly engaged couple of royal privilege, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. You may not care and I promise I won’t lose any sleep either, but I will continue to read and follow all of the details of the engagement and wedding. While there are many black princesses and queens in other countries, the United Kingdom have not had a person of African royal lineage rule since the 1700’s.

1.  This engagement represents change. While there are so many people in our world that are striving to move beyond cultural differences and a person’s complexion, there are still quite a few people who do not believe in interracial relationships. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle represent love beyond complexion and culture. Just in case you don’t know Meghan is biracial, but in society, she’s considered black. How many people will now leave their comfort zones and find their true love regardless of what they look like?

2.  We won’t assume that Meghan Markle is a role model for women, but she is a public figure that so many women can relate to. She had an entire career before Prince Harry. She actually earned a living from working as an actress. How many of us can totally relate to her being human before her recent engagement that will now suffer more scrutiny? For so many women she represents the normalcy that we all live and that the royal family could use.

3.  She’s proof that a divorce doesn’t leave you socially branded as a failure. There are so many women that get stuck with shame and guilt from being divorced. Meghan Markle is a good representation that befriending more frogs can lead to a handsome prince charming after all.

4.  She will bring her cultural traditions to the marriage. Yes, you read that correctly. Things will be different in their marriage in comparison to William and Kate’s marriage because of their different upbringings.  Her mom is black and Prince Harry’s mom was white. She comes from a divorced home and he lost his mom to a tragedy at a very young age, Their cultural differences can bring strength, security, determination, and excitement to the royal family. I wonder if they will jump the broom? Just Kidding!

5. Their children will represent the change that people like Dr. King fought to have. With both African and European ancestry, many people will see that complexion has always been used to only cause division. A person’s heart and character are what matters the most.

Are you excited about the royal engagement? Please leave your comments and thoughts below!




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