4 Homemade Thanksgiving Recipes That You Can’t Mess Up

If you’ve never cooked a day in your life Thanksgiving is NOT the time to experiment. However, if you do know your way around the kitchen just a tidbit, but have never prepared a full Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, you may or may not be a little intimidated in starting. I’m not talking about a pan of meat and one side. People have waited all year to eat, especially if this is their cheat meal of the week. Don’t disappoint them on Thursday..ummkay! When I attempted to cook my first Thanksgiving dinner I enlisted the help of my mom. Things tasted delicious. In 2011 I decided to cook the entire meal by myself, I developed brain freeze instantly. Well, I knew I could always turn to my favorite online cook, “Divas Can Cook” to help me out. I discovered her website a few years after I got married. My husband loves to eat, so I had to deliver some yummy food to keep him satisfied. My Thanksgiving dinner that year turned out amazing and became a staple even for some of my Sunday dinners. Of course, now I tweak them to fit my lifestyle and taste and you can as well. I do believe that she has updated a few of the recipes, but I’m sure it’s only to make them even tastier! Have fun burning in the kitchen…. but, not literally! Happy Thanksgiving!



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