Fun Halloween Costumes for Couples and Friends

This post does contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure here. Thank you so much for your support!

Remember, Halloween doesn’t have to be all morbid. It can be extra fun and used as the ultimate cheat meal day! Candy, sweets, and treats along with some classic favorite Halloween movies…Hocus Pocus, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and don’t forget a day that you and I can dress like complete morons and no one will judge us! It’s not my favorite holiday, but it reminds me that Fall is here and that is definitely my favorite season. If your honey and you, best friend, or sister are headed to a festive Halloween party this year, I’ve got some pretty awesome costumes that you won’t want to pass up. Check them out!


Shop these costumes here!


1. Adult Rock, Paper, Scissors  / 2. Adult Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich / 3. Adult Mr. & Mrs. Potatoe Head / 4. Adult Matching Puzzle Piece / 5. Adult Ham & Swiss Sandwich / 6. Adult Milk & Cookies / 7. Adult Bacon & Eggs / 8. Adult Medical Scrubs




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