Teachers, Get Back to School Ready with Target!

This post does contain affiliate links. Here is my disclosure.

And so it begins…. the beginning of a new school year! Relax, you’ve got this! Okay Teachers, you’ve spent most of the summer in max chill mode. For some of you, yoga pants, Dri-Fit clothes, and Daisy Dukes was the attire of choice. I’m not judging you, I’ve been in that mode once as well. However, I want to make sure that you are not only lesson planned prepared and reading center labeled ready, but also fashionably prepared. Start this school year off looking refreshed, polished, and professional. Go back in style! First year Teachers….take note…first impressions are EVERYTHING to parents!

 Now, if you’re like me and like to keep your spending limited to a budget of $affordable, but not debt$. Well, I’ve got a solution for you! Check out some of these amazing deals that Target is offering, starting today!

The great thing about this sale is that it has something for everyone. Mossimo Denim has denim washes and prices for every budget. While the popular Ava & Viv brand nicely accentuates gorgeous curves and hips. The boyfriend jean is the most popular and relaxing fit. While most school systems reserve denim attire for Friday’s, field trips or special activities, there are some other relaxed,but professional choices that Target is offering on sale this week. Xhilaration apparel is BOGO 50% OFF . The maxi dresses are a great wardrobe staple for the mornings that you’re running late and ironing  is just not going to happen.


Adding a nice denim jacket is the perfect accessory for a professional look and can easily be removed for after hours fun.

Guy’s, there is NO way that I could forget about you all. Males Teachers in the classrooms are so pivotal to a balanced learning environment. Depending on the school systems area and demographics, a male’s presence may have a very positive influence for young learners.  Guys’s, it’s also essential important for you to make a professional first impression with many parents, to debunk any negative preconceived notions.


Being yourself is as equally important because your presence is needed in the school system.  Target is offering you a nice little promo discount at checkout, but only if you enter MEN20. Happy Shopping!

All sales are valid 8/6-12/17 ONLY


Love, Peace, and Joy!




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