My Favorite 5 YouTube Hair Vloggers

So many natural hair women like myself will say how versatile and wonderful it is to be natural, you know “free of the creamy crack”, but what most of us will not tell you is how many more days than we can count we have wanted to shave it off, permanently rock a wig, or wear braids until infinity. It’s not that we ever want to drift back into the (pat your head when it’s itching, don’t scratch) relaxer mode ever again, but wearing our hair in its natural and relaxer free texture is sometimes a pain. When the styling time get’s rough,  it’s too humid for a silk press, another ponytail just won’t cut it, or  I feel like throwing in the towel, I usually hop over to these YouTube channels for some quick style inspiration and reminders on why my natural hair is beautiful. Here are my 5 favorite YouTube Hair Vloggers.

  1. Naptural 85
  2. Mahogany Curls
  3. Natural Metra
  4.  Only One Jess
  5. NappyFu TV

Do you have any favorite YouTube Hair Vloggers? If so, share them with me below in the comments!

Love, Peace, & Joy!



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