My Random Faves:Weight Loss Edition


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Hi everyone, so one thing that you will learn about me if you haven’t already noticed is that I’m a sharer. I’m not talking about clothes, food, and too private like stories. I’m talking about things that make life fun, easier, and more affordable for me. I recently had a convo with my husband about women who are overly secretive about the dumbest things. You know, things like their shoe designer, babysitter, nail tech, or my all-time favorite, their hairstylist. The line that tickles me the most is when I ask a woman who does her hair, and I get the response, “she don’t do everybody hair”. Chile, bye! Really? You do realize that’s not what your stylist would want you to say right? Why are we so extra secretive about these things? Well, I’m not. I love helping another woman out. Especially a woman that’s trying to live like Jesus Christ. Life is hard enough to not share things that will bless another person’s life. Today I’m hoping that you will enjoy some of the things that I enjoy, and it will enrich you with the same benefits that enrich my life. My weight loss journey is getting jump-started every morning with the help of these things.

  1. Dole 100% Fruit Cups – To my knowledge, they can’t be purchased frozen. However, that’s exactly what I do to mine. If you often have a big sweet tooth, these make a great substitute. In my opinion, freezing them just amps up the flavor. Mind over matter possibly? Be sure and purchase the fruits that are sealed in its own juice and not the light or heavy syrup kind.

  2. Mushrooms – These have become an absolute staple for me. They are high in Vitamin D and are a great replacement for meat. There are many studies suggesting that having sufficient amounts of Vitamin D in your daily diet can help with weight loss. It doesn’t hurt that my mom has been encouraging me to take Vitamin D supplements for all of its great benefits, but when I learned about it helping with weight loss, I was all on it.. See ma, I’m listening!

  3. Hand Weights–  Ladies, lifting weights is a great way to tone your arms during weight loss. As you shed those unwanted pounds from your overall body, you want to make sure that your skin is being toned as well. Walking your way to weight loss is excellent, but as your arms slim the skin will sag. Using weights will help to eliminate that loose skin. I used them while losing weight after my first delivery, and my arms snapped right back. Let’s hope they do that this time around!

  4. Champion Brand Sports Bras–  These are a must have for me. After two children, the girls up top sometimes have way too much bounce. I interchange between these and the Hanes Comfort Flex  sports bras. They allow me to easily nurse Mariyah .

  5. Yoga Mat –  I don’t use my yoga mat for yoga. I use it for floor workouts such as planks and stretches. This particular brand isn’t as expensive or higher in quality materials as some other brands, but it does get the job done. It can tear easily, so if you’re actually using it for yoga I would suggest one with better quality.

  6. Acidophilus – These probiotics are working miracles for my bloating issues and tummy weight loss. Please note that if you eat ANYTHING unhealthy, you will poop it allll the way out. This also helps with weight loss. If you’re a nursing mom like me, it is also helpful in preventing thrush in you and your baby.

I would love to hear from you. What are some of your random faves for weight loss? Drop them in the comments ⇓⇓

Love, Peace, and Joy!




2 thoughts on “My Random Faves:Weight Loss Edition

  1. Carmen I will have to try the Acidophilus. Also you are so right about the secret “I’m not sharing attitudes” some ladies have toward one another. #prayingforunity


    1. Temika, I’ve never understood why women treat each other like that. In the end we all face the same things, so we may as well help one another. #prayingforunity


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