Am I too late? Nah! Here’s The “C” Family’s Thanksgiving Recap.

Like many of you all, my family counted down for Thanksgiving day. My son was anxious because it would be Fall break from school. He also knew that meant staying up later than usual and a chance to go to work with his dad. As for my husband, it meant preparing for the classic Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa. Mariyah didn’t have a clue, but has her mom I had a lot of traditions in store for her. I looked forward to spending time with my family, eating great food, baking my family’s favorite pecan pies and  watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in my pajamas.

I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to speak negativity in the situation for anyone, but I could feel that the day wasn’t going to be all that I expected, so I guess the holy spirit was preparing me for disappointment that was about to come. My husband picks at me when I get disappointed. He says I get my hopes up way too high with plans and I shouldn’t. At least not with people anyway. He’s right! I plan in my head, I get all optimistic, and more times than not I’m let down.

My disappointment  started the night before Thanksgiving and it’s way too personal to share right now. This setback made me think, bump making those pies. They won’t taste right because I’m not feeling right today. Southerners, we cook with our feelings. If you’re feeling good the food will be banging! Do people still say banging? If you’re not feeling good the foods taste will prove it. We cook with our heart. Thanksgiving morning came and I was able to watch the parade with my daughter, but my son was M.I.A.  He had already fled to his grandmas house prior to Thanksgiving day. My handsome nephew was in town from Georgia, so he had to go and hang with him. Watching the parade felt awkward this year. The performances weren’t even that great. I recall Aloe Blacc and Sarah Bareilles being the only two worthy of watching. Sorry, not sorry!

Watching the parade with Mariyah

We decided to drive on up to Birmingham around midday ,only short of me receiving a phone call about my grandma. I told you I felt that this day was about to spiral downwards before it actually did. She wasn’t doing well and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Yeah, satan was on his rampage early in the day. If you don’t understand what I mean let me explain. In John 10:10 God warns us that the thief comes to only kill, steal, and destroy. Satan was intentionally destroying our day. This is the one day where most families can actually attempt to put their differences aside for the sake of great food and fellowship. Here comes my disappointment just a little bit more.

Getting out of our city was a headache because of  the many Iron Bowl fans and traffic. I was reminded by the holy spirit that I was already prepared for this moment and I just needed to trust in the Lord for my own peace of mind. I prayed for my grandma and just set my expectations on possibly not having the chance to eat our traditional foods today. I understood. My mom needed to be by her mom’s side, and that was the only right thing to do. It did however, leave no gravy for the dressing and no greens with the ham. It was okay. We were all good. God is teaching me that only he can control the day and we have very little control in what happens around us. He gives us the power to control ourselves and our responses to those situations. I’m just learning this and this late in life. Ugh!  I deciding to embrace what I could control and that was my response. I chose to enjoy  my time in the car with my family and decided to vlog. I sure was missing my sweet Braylon.

Arriving at my mom’s house in Birmingham was a relief for me. We were happy to see our baby Braylon and Mariyah was as well! The guys played football outside, watched football inside, we ate ham, turkey, pie and cake. Man ,we  sure did miss all of the other trimmings!. Ha!

In our families normal tradition it was time to go back to our city and kick it with our other half, my husband’s family. We headed back home only to run into more traffic and to have to stop to feed our serial nurser, our sweet pea,  Mariyah.

Arriving back home was of course another disappointment for me and we still hadn’t had our traditional Thanksgiving dinner. In satan’s true schemes to ruin anything good we didn’t have the family fellowship that we had hoped for.  We decided it was time to go to our home and make the best of the what was left in our evening and Mariyah’s first Thanksgiving. We got pizza and donuts, took a few family usies, and watched a movie.

What I’ve learned about feelings are that they can lead us astray or they can help us instinctively. When I began to feel “some type of way” I instantly began to pray. I haven’t always done this, but as I spend time in the word I realize now that this is what God would rather for me to do. He in returns provides insight, instinct, and confirmation to me on how I should handle the situation when it arises. I also have learned to self check myself if I’m tripping about something (reading too much into something) or if it is what it really is (the problem really isn’t me, but someone or something else). Satan is going to continue to be low down and musty. He can ruin our moments and cause us to physically endure pain, but he can’t have our joy, our soul, or our salvation.  What I’ve learned from putting my hope in people is to not put it in them. I chose to only put my hope in God. He gives me rest, fun, happiness, and blessings. My family will continue to look forward to our Thanksgiving traditions regardless to the obstacles that arise before us. I hope that you will look forward to yours as well.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as awesome as mine ended. Have a blessed day!


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